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Aviationtag McDonnell Douglas DC-10 N326FE

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The history of the Aviationtag McDonnell Douglas DC-10 N326FE

This McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 with MSN 47813, line number 312,  was manufactured in Long Beach California.  In March 1980, the trijet went into service with the British airline Laker Airways carrying registration G-BGXG.

On 21 September 1984, the aircraft  transferred the US to fly for United Airlines with registration N1854U as a passenger jet.  In 1997, it was converted to a freighter.

In March 2001, it received its final registration N326FE, when it was taken into service by FedEx. There it flew until it was withdrawn from service in February 2006. It was stored for 2 years at Goodyear Litchfield Municipal until 2008, when new owner Logistic Air moved it to Roswell industrial center. Parts of the aircraft have been recycled into this Aviationtag McDonnell Douglas DC-10 N326FE. This tag is available in gray and blue.

Please read the extra information below.

Please be advised: Owning an Aviationtag, is owning a piece of history. During the airplane’s long life, the skin has developed some unique properties which make each tag different. Depending on the aircraft and what part it’s manufactured from, tags may show differences in material, color, thickness, and finish. For example, small scratches and flaking paint are perfectly normal, and these imperfections reflect on the long history of the aircraft. They give the tag its unique look and make it an excellent aviation collectible!

After being stored in the Desert for 13 years, the paint of N326FE has become really flaky. It’s very fragile, especially around the edges. If you are not certain if you could live with that, please choose a different Aviationtag.

When using the Aviationtag as a keychain or luggage tag, we strongly advise using the original Aviationtag cover to preserve the finish.

History of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10

On 29 August 1970, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 made its maiden flight. The Trijet, designed for long range flights, went into service in August 1971 for American Airlines.

The aircraft, has a length of 55 m and a wingspan up to 50.39 m for the -30 and -40 variants.  The maximum range for the -30 was 5200 nm (9,600 km). Typical cruise speed was mach 0.82 (876 km/h).

In 1989 production stopped, after having delivered 386 DC-10 aircraft. In 2021, there are still 14 aircraft in service with airlines as a freighter. The DC-10 was succeeded by the longer and heavier MD-11.

Flight simulation

For X-Plane, there are currently no real payware options for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. However, Rotate is developing its successor, the MD-11.

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