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Aviationtag Etihad Boeing 777 A6-LRB

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Aviationtag Etihad is back!

Etihad Airways is set to partner with Aviationtag for an exciting new collaboration. This venture will feature the iconic Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, which was originally registered as VT-ALB with the Manufacturer’s Serial Number (MSN) 36301. The aircraft was delivered to Air India on August 24, 2007, and named “Arunachal Pradesh”.

Etihad Airways took over the aircraft in April 2014 after it had served the Indian flag carrier for seven years. The aircraft was then registered as A6-LRB and operated until March 2018. It was then parked in San Bernardino, California, with the registration N281UA, for three years before being decommissioned and recycled in 2021, marking the first time an aircraft of this model had been scrapped.

But, the story of this iconic aircraft is not yet over. Aviationtag is proud to bring you an exclusive collection made from the skin of the Etihad Boeing 777 A6-LRB. This partnership with Etihad Airways means that you can now own a unique and authentic piece of aviation history from one of the world’s most iconic aircraft.

Be a part of this exciting collaboration and order your Aviationtag Etihad Boeing 777 A6-LRB today!

Order it now, and don’t forget the cover!

Please be advised: Owning an Aviationtag, is owning a piece of history. During the airplane’s long life, the skin has developed some unique properties which make each tag different. Depending on the aircraft and what part it’s manufactured from, tags may show differences in material, color, thickness, and finish. For example, small scratches and flaking paint are perfectly normal, and these imperfections reflect on the long history of the aircraft. They give the tag its unique look and make it an excellent aviation collectible!

History of the Boeing 777

The Boeing 777, or “Triple Seven,” is a wide-body jet airliner designed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It first flew on June 12, 1994, and entered service with United Airlines on June 7, 1995. The 777 was designed to fill a gap in Boeing’s product line between the 767 and 747.

The 777 comes in several variants and has a maximum range of up to 8,555 nautical miles. Its spacious cabin has a wider cross-section than other wide-body aircraft, providing passengers with more room and comfort. The aircraft was also the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely using computer-aided design and certified to fly with only two pilots.

Overall, the Boeing 777 is a highly successful and widely used aircraft in the aviation industry, with its fuel efficiency, range, and passenger comfort making it a top choice for long-haul flights.

Flight simulation

Flying the 777 in X-Plane is possible with a payware option like the FlightFactor 777.

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