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Aviationtag Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EDA Sao Paulo

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Exclusive Aviationtag Emirates Airbus A380 São Paulo edition!

In collaboration with Emirates, Aviationtag proudly presents the exclusive and limited Aircraft Skin Tag Edition of the first Airbus A380 of the airline, the A6-EDA.

During its service, the former Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EDA visited 62 airports from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, and 380 tags were created for each airport the aircraft visited. The front side of each tag remains the same throughout the series, displaying that the aircraft completed 6,319 landings at 62 different airports. It also indicates that the aircraft was in service from August 2008 to April 2020, carrying 2.1 million passengers and flying a total of 55,863 hours (equivalent to 6.37 years).

Although they share a common front side, each set of 380 tags has a unique back side that is either grey or green. Inside, collectors will find information about their specific destination. For example, the LAX-tag reveals that the aircraft first visited Los Angeles International Airport on August 5, 2008. This side also displays the destination to which the tag belongs, along with its serial number out of a total of 380.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the Emirates Airline Foundation.

This is the GRU São Paulo version from the Americas collection.

We encourage aviation enthusiasts to get theirs now before they’re gone!

 Please be advised: Owning an Aviationtag, is owning a piece of history. During the airplane’s long life, the skin has developed some unique properties which make each tag different. Depending on the aircraft and what part it’s manufactured from, tags may show differences in material, color, thickness, and finish. For example, small scratches and flaking paint are perfectly normal, and these imperfections reflect on the long history of the aircraft. They give the tag its unique look and make it an excellent aviation collectible!

When using the Aviationtag as a keychain or luggage tag, we strongly advise using the original Aviationtag cover to preserve the finish.

History of the Airbus A380

The Airbus A380, known as the “Superjumbo,” took its first flight on April 27, 2005, and entered commercial service with Singapore Airlines on October 25, 2007. It was designed to meet the demand for long-haul travel on busy routes.

The A380 comes in a single model, the A380-800, with a massive wingspan of approximately 261 feet and 8 inches (79.75 meters). A range of up to 8,000 nm, makes it ideal for long-distance flights. Its standout feature is its double-decks with spacious interior, accommodating up to 853 passengers in a typical two-class configuration, providing a comfortable flying experience.

However, economic challenges emerged as the program continued. Airbus decided to cease production by 2021 due to unprofitability, High development costs and a selling price insufficient to cover production expenses led to this decision. 

Despite its challenges, the Airbus A380 remains a symbol of luxury and efficiency, offering exceptional comfort and performance for long-haul flights. The end of production marked the closing chapter of this iconic aircraft’s journey.

Flight simulation

Currently, there isn’t a quality A380 available. However, FlyByWire Simulations is working on a study level freeware A380 for MSFS.

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