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Aviationtag Douglas DC-3 Candybomber D-CXXX

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The history of the Aviationtag Douglas DC-3 Candybomber D-CXXX

This Douglas s/n 32872/16124, came of the production line in 1944 as a C-47B Skytrain. In March 1945, it was delivered to the US Air Force, only for it to be transferred to the Royal Air Force with registration  KN442 a few days later.

During 1948 and 1949 it flew during the Berlin Airlift, supplying the city of Berlin with many tons of important goods for survival.

After its military service between 1952 and 2001, it flew for many operators, mostly with registration G-AMPZ. Some exceptions during these years were OD-AEQ with Lebanese Air Transport, PH-RIC with Transavia Limburg, TF-AIV with Flugsyn, and EI-BDT with Clyden Airways.

Because of its history in the Berlin Airlift, the City of Berlin purchased the Aircraft and on 1 October 2001 it moved to Air Service Berlin based at Tempelhof Airport, where it would fly mostly sightseeing tours. It flew with the name “Rosinenbomber” to remember the original  ‘Candy Bomber’ the famous C-54 that did airdrops of candy for children during the Berlin Airlift. The registration changed on 8 May 2003, to  D-CXXX.

Saturday, 19 June 2010, shortly after takeoff, the Candybomber suffered a loss of engine power and had an emergency landing in a nearby field. Although nobody got seriously injured, the aircraft sustained serious damage. 

This is a limited edition tag of an exceptional Aircraft with a wonderful history. Order now while it’s in stock!

Please be advised: Owning an Aviationtag, is owning a piece of history. During the airplane’s long life, the skin has developed some unique properties which make each tag different. Depending on the aircraft and what part it’s manufactured from, tags may show differences in material, color, thickness, and finish. For example, small scratches and flaking paint are perfectly normal, and these imperfections reflect on the long history of the aircraft. They give the tag its unique look and make it an excellent aviation collectible!

The front of this tag is not laser engraved, but printed. This makes it more easy to get damaged.

When using the Aviationtag as a keychain or luggage tag, we strongly advise using the original Aviationtag cover to preserve the finish.

History of the Douglas DC-3/C-47

On 17 December 1937 the Douglas DC-3, a twin radial engine-powered aircraft made its first flight. It was the bigger and improved successor of the DC-2. The aircraft had good speed, range, carrying capacity and was able to operate from short field runways.

During WW2 its military version, the C-47, was used in big numbers for various operations. It could be used as a troop carrier, cargo transport, or medical airlift aircraft.

Production of the Civil DC-3 stopped in 1945 with 607 aircraft manufactured. Military versions were produced until the 1945, bringing the total aircraft manufactured to over 16,000. The DC-3 is still in service with a few operators as passenger and cargo aircraft, the most famous is Buffalo Airways in the northern territories of Canada.

Flight simulation

Flying the DC-3 in X-Plane is possible with the payware VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain/DC-3 or the Leading Edge Simulations (LES) DC-3. LES is also having a big V2 update in development. A freeware option would be the Aeroworx version.

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